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MICROBLADING $500 with 2 followup appointments

within 90 days

Microblading is basically a tattoo for your eyebrows. It falls under the permanent makeup category, but it is much less invasive than getting an actual tattoo since the pigment is not deeply inserted into the skin.  It will fade over time since a smaller amount of pigment is inserted into the skin as compared to full (solidly) filled eyebrow tattoos. 


During the microblading process, we use a manual method of implanting the pigment in hair-like storkes in the epidermis to create the look o fuller brows.  By utilizing the manual method and hand-held device. we are able to achieve natural-looking results. 


Although microbladed brows will not require daily maintenance, they typically last between one to three years.  It is particularly important that you have a retouch 10 to 12 months regularly in order to keep the color vibrant and the microblade strokes looking crisp.  "Microblading doesn't replace makeup, it replaces hair."

MICROSHADING $350 with one free touchup within 90 days of the original application.

EYELINER APPLICATION $300 with one free touchup within 90 days of the original application.


LIP TINTING, LIP BLUSHING $450 with 2 touch ups at no charge within 120 days.


After your initial makeup procedure, annual touchups are just half the price!

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