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We accentuate the beauty that lies within all of us. 


Now Available!


Imagine feeling and looking your best from the moment you open your eyes. At True to You, we enhance the your eyes and brows through a refined, precise cosmetic tattooing process that safely adds pigments into your skin’s dermal layer. The colors that are applied as "permanent make-up" are unique to you and can help build self-confidence, save time in your busy life, camouflage imperfections and bring out your most attractive features. You can swim, exercise, shower and wake up looking put together and ready to go.

Permanent makeup is ideal for busy women.

If can also be a life-changing option if you have:

Lost hair due to chemotherapy, accidents, burns or other medical issues

A difficult time applying makeup due to age, vision loss, dexterity or other health limitations

Allergies to traditional makeup or sensitive skin

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